About Us

Jonathan T. Gilliam

Jonathan T Gilliam’s background as a Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal, DHS advisor, and Special Agent with the FBI, speaks volumes and has provided a firm foundation for spot on analysis as he now serves in media as a network news law enforcement, national security and political analyst, Sirius XM radio host, and opinion writer with contributing articles published by IJ Review and The Daily Caller.  With thousands of appearances analyzing major breaking news, Gilliam is the only analyst in today’s media that possesses operational experience in military Special Forces combined with experience in multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies. Gilliam has served as a CNN contributor, and has appeared regularly on Fox News, NewsMax, One American News Network, MSNBC, CBS, ABC BBC, AP, Wall Street Journal Online and many other local networks.

Gilliam’s unique perspective and experienced insight spans from politics to terrorism, providing invaluable resources and information to the public as he continues his service in media and as an active Security Specialists, performing Crisis Management consulting as well as Threat Assessment and Personal Protection.

Kate Krueger

Kate has a strong firearms and martial arts background. Although she was not brought up around firearms her fighting spirit eventually brought her to that next logical step. She is an NRA Instructor and a certified Arizona Concealed Carry instructor as well. Her thirst for knowledge has led her to training facilities around the country, Smith & Wesson, Lethal Force Institute (now Massad Ayoob Group), Chapman Academy, Gunsite to name a few. Isshin Ryu was her style of choice in martial arts but she has continued to add to that background with ground fighting, hand to hand, weapon retention and other varients of weapon and empty hand techniques. Through martial arts and shooting competitions over the years she honed her skills.

Kate is very passionate about the United States of America and all it stands for particularly the 2nd Amendment and our Constitution. Her skill set and passion came together in 1992 when she ran for US Senate in NH as a Libertarian candidate. It also sparked an early interest in the power of radio. Today she brings all that passion and skill together for you to the airwaves with Talking Guns!!!

Talking Guns with Kate is a source for gun rights, news and views. Her interviews discuss gun laws, shooting disciplines, the latest products, books, events, training, politics, hunting, competition and more. She also talks with industry favorites about survival and preparedness, shooting accessories and other peripheral topics related to the outdoors and the 2nd Amendment.

Brian Kovacs

Beginning a career in Law Enforcement in NJ then moved to free America, Arizona for a better and more fulfilling life. Worked with the Arizona Department of Corrections working in numerous capacities and functions. Certified in numerous operational and strategic disciplines in law enforcement, such as Two Man Team Tactics, PSD/VIP Protection, Tactical Pistol Operations to name few.

Brian has started and built several successful companies in the Custom Firearms and Law Enforcement supply industry. Moving away from the retail aspect of the industry and expanding into a consulting role, has given Brian the opportunity to appear on both Radio and TV shows. This has let Brian pursue other creative ideas such as forming Talking Guns Media and recruiting a highly qualified team of Patriots that will be providing an honest, informational and educational resource for the second amendment and constitutional issues.


Marine Corp brat
10 years in Quantico
3 years in Meridian, Mississippi.
Graduated May 1978 from Northeast Lauderdale High School
Marine Corps 1980 to 1988.
Metalsmith on C-130 F & R models
Maintenance & Material Control NCO
Firearms Instructor.
Tenn DOC 1989 to 1993
Correctional Officer
Tactical Officer
Tactical Quartermaster
Firearm Instructor
Arizona DOC 1994 to 2014 – Retired
Correctional Officer
Tactical Officer
Tactical Quartermaster
Firearms Instructor
Maintenance Supply Clerk 2014
ASPC Florence Engineers


Born in Iowa
Joined the Military in 1987
Primary job: Military Police
Secondary assignment: Chemical
Military Police Training was at Ft McClellan Alabama.
Thru many years in the military I attended many schools and was deployed to overseas assignments when assigned.
Thru the years I was trained on a wide variety of weapons.
I left active duty in 1994 and moved to Hawaii where I started working with the Department of Defense Police at NAS Barbers point. I still remained with the Military National guard where I began working with an intelligence unit. While there I attended other various shooting schools.
Approximately a year later when My wife completed active duty, we moved to Arizona where I started working for the state of Arizona Dept of Corrections. Thru my years with this agency I have attended numerous schools to include but not limited to Instructor class for saber gas, Instructor cert for PR, Firearms Instructor, Tactical Officers Training Academy, Various Sniper schools thru various agencies to include MCSO, FBI,DOC etc. I have been assigned to the tactical team since 2004 as a Sniper/ Medic. Along with other assignments I am also a crisis counselor.
On my off duty time several times a month, I teach kids how to competition shoot. The team of kids I work with have had first place shooters the last 5 years since Pinal County started this program. The original team of kids have moved on to be top shooters in the state and at National levels.


Many mistake him for A-Rod’s cousin, but A-Rod wishes he was.  He lives vicariously through himself.  The police often question him just because they find him interesting.  Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect.  In museums, he is allowed to touch the art.  If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.  His business card simply says “I’ll call you.”

He is a long range firearms instructor, volunteers for the RWVA (Project Appleseed) educating civilian marksmanship, extreme long range competitor and precision rifle enthusiast.  An innovator and mechanical engineer designing custom precision rifles with quarter moa accuracy.  An uncanny mind for engineering mechanical devices and an avid reloader developing the perfect bullet for precision rifles.

Amongst many skills he is a Patriot with the desire to educate and share his “ground truth” experiences in rifle design, development and marksmanship.

Architekt Jess

Where to start? Well, since your past makes you who you are, I suppose the beginning. Born in The Last Frontier but raised on the river, two miles down an old dirt road in the countryside of Oregon. I grew up in the woods, in a small valley where I lived the actual life they sing about in most country songs. Hunting, fishing, traversing the mountains just to see what was on the other side, with nothing but my dog and my rifle. It was the “Be home by dark” lifestyle that the kids of today will know nothing about, sadly.

I always wanted to be a Marine for some reason. Kids I knew often mistook them for soldiers or simply had no clue there was a difference at all, but not me. I knew early on in life the stories of Carlos Hathcock and the Island Hopping Campaigns. So as soon as I was able, I enlisted in the Marines. During MCT a Marine came to the mass of Privates ready to head off to our barracks and asked who wanted to jump out of planes. Of those who volunteered, three were chosen based off GT scores and merits. Those three were myself and who would become two of my closest friends.

After some joint operations with what was the early stages of 1st MSOB, I was pulled to their unit in the first wave of non-staff NCO’s after its initial stand up. There I deployed to Afghanistan, and ultimately served out my contract with the Marine Corps. I suppose the details of this time would be better discussed over some beers or whiskey, so if you want those, come have a drink with me sometime.

Shortly after separating from the Marines, I went into business for myself doing what was my hobbies, building cars and later, fabricating parts at Architekt Fabrication. I met with a good friend Brian Kovacs, and started to apply my skills in weapons training and tactics once again, and it felt great. So after many years of friendship and training, and sick and tired of the communist and anti-American news outlets, we have come to this point: Starting a media outlet, controlled by true Patriots, to accurately report on all things for the American people.

Magnus The Lawyer

Born and raised in Sweden. American by Choice
Trial Attorney-Federal, State and Local cases in Arizona-Border and Gun related crimes in Federal Court-Self Defense cases
Hobbyist 3 Gun Shooter
NRA Life Member
Graduate of Mas Ayoob MAG 40 & 80
Graduate of John Farnam Pistol and Urban Rifle
Graduate of Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch Pistol and Urban Rifle
Graduate at Gunsite 250
Graduate of Battleline Tactical (Tanto and Boon) Concealed Pistol 2 day class
Attorney Panel Member Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Fund
Attorney Panel Member PORACLDF
Swimming Scholarship at Arizona State University
NCCA All American Swimmer
Member of Swedish National Swim Team


Raised in the desert, Steve is an avid hunter and sportsman.

Growing up in the southwest provided plenty of opportunity for small and big game hunting. Spending a lot of time outdoors tracking animals, help hone the skills that drew him to search and rescue.

Volunteering with local sheriffs S.A.R. group provided the community support and skill application acquired and learned, including medical and survival.

He comes from a strong LEO and military family and finds opportunities to give back to those First Responders when needed.

Steve has been in the technical industry for many years facilitating many roles and responsibilities.

Steve is also a student of several martial arts, including Kali, Silat, Stick Fighting and many more…..


Malone is a patriotic, staunch supporter of the second amendment, bourbon, and  all things that go boom, which are all the wonderful things America stands for.

Malone’s major accomplishments include being a proud United States Marine Corp veteran, current Law Enforcement Officer, and father extraordinaire.

Through the course of Malone’s career, He has become a state certified firearms instructor, a state certified Taser instructor, also a state certified K9 decoy.

Malone  loves all things gear related, and finds all the new usable advancements in the firearms industry fascinating.

Malone enjoys passing on his fascination through the continued sharing of knowledge to any and all who care to listen.


Mike has been hunting medium to large size game most of his life. He regularly travels around North America for industry hunting events.

Mike brings a skillset to Talking Guns that we have been looking for, for a long time, The classic American hunter with insight and education into the best ways towards responsible conservation and replenishment. Mike also provides us with Video Editing and Shooting. Mike prides himself on regularly practicing, and participating competitively with his Bow, Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol.

Mike has also obtained his credentials as a certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor.


Jason Mcdonald

Jason Mcdonald is a Website Engineer for Talking Guns who specializes in Interactive Web applications and work-flow based web applications.

Jason also operates as “tech guru” of sorts for Talking Guns solving our back end and website issues, along with creating the proper SEO aspects for Talking Guns. Jason has spent 10 years at a Director level in the “tech space”.

Jason is a long range rifle shooter and a pistol marksman. Jason has attended some prestigious training schools in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

Jason’s secondary job with Talking Guns is getting to utilize him for his photography skills, having a background in Product photography has really helped Talking Guns for our optics and also in our consulting endeavors for select industry clients.


Joe Lutrario

  • Multiple Time Published Author
  • Law Enforcement and Civilian Use Of Force Instructor

-Black Belt 1 Degree

-Trained at Kioto BJJ under Grand Master Francisco Mansur, 9th Degree Red Belt under Master Helio Gracie and Professor Milton Regis de Almeida, 8th Degree Black Belt in NYC area since 2005

-Certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense and Sport Instructor since 2009

-World Champion Silver Medalist

-Pan American Champion Silver Medalist

-NY State Champion

-Pennsylvania State Champion

-Arizona State Champion

-NYC Wrestling Champion

-NY State Wrestling Championship Medalist

-Retired New York City Police Officer (Riot Squad, C.O.B.R.A. Counter Terrorism Unit)