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Podcasted Interviews SHOT Show 2017
Brady Speth CEO RITON USA Scopes SHOT Show Podcast 2017
Brady Speth took some time out of his very busy schedule at SHOT 2017 to talk with me. Please excuse some of the background noise as we had very noisy neighbors but I truly did enjoy this particular interview. Brady is CEO & President of RITON USA scopes out of Tucson, AZ. It is a veteran owned company that produces an outstanding product. I hope you enjoy this interview as well. You can find out more at Check them out!
Nathan Love of Frontier Tactical SHOT Show Podcast 2017
Nathan Love is the founder of Frontier Tactical and served in the U.S. Army as an infantry soldier for almost a decade. As an infantryman, he was deployed to Kosovo and Iraq. His combat in Iraq resulted in the award of a Purple Heart and numerous other citations, awards and badges (such as the Expert and Combat Infantryman Badges). Upon his honorable discharge, he attended the Colorado School of Trades for Gunsmithing. His career path led him to contracting for the military, where he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan many times, over the course of seven years. He was recruited and deployed as a small arms repairer and inspector. The knowledge and experience he gained working closely with the military on their weapon systems in combat theaters proved invaluable in the creation of Frontier Tactical. As a disabled veteran, Mr. Love makes the solid commitment to other veterans in his intent to provide training and employment for his peers. He recognizes that many companies have at best paid lip-service to veterans, and at worst have used veteran programs to their own advantage while circumventing any benefit to those who have served this nation. Learn more by going to their website at Enjoy!
James Cragg S.O.Tech Tactical SHOT Show Podcast 2017
James Cragg attended West Point and served as an Army officer in SOF. He still serves as a major in the United States Army and is a veteran of Afghanistan. Back in 1997 James launched S.O. TECH as a custom shop providing a service for brother soldiers. Then local cops and a handful of federal agents who heard about the ex-Special Ops guy doing custom sewing in the back of a friend’s graphics factory would drop in between warrants in the neighborhood to give Cragg their needs for custom rigs and modifications. S.O. TECH began to grow. Today many of their products are standard issue to several units and branches of the US Military. S.O.Tech / Special Operations Technologies Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) sewing company manufacturing the highest quality and most innovative gear available. Our American sewing factory is located in Los Angeles County, California. Learn more by going to their website at Enjoy!
Podcasted Interviews January 2017
Brian Kovacs Less Lethal Concepts Podcast January 2017
Brian Kovacs has been a gun manufacturer for many years and we will talk about that in another segment. This is the first time he has stepped into the non-lethal side of the business with a great tool designed for LE and Military. When you think of OC sprays well think again. Listen to his interview and Check out his website for more at More to come!
Podcasted Interview July 2014
Larry Pratt Podcast July 23 2014
Larry Pratt Director of Gun Owners of America and author of On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty for more information go to . Check it out as we talked about Nascar, self defense and making waves. Enjoy!
Podcasted Interviews June 2014
John Longenecker Podcast June 24 2014
John Longenecker writer and author of Safe Streets In The Nationwide Concealed Carry Of Handguns – Meeting Dependency And Violent Crime With American Spirit, Independence And Citizen Authority. Check out the interview as we talk about the correlation of guns and liberty. Enjoy!.
Suzanna Gratia Hupp Podcast June 18 2014
Suzanna Gratia Hupp, former Texas Legislator and author of From Luby’s to the Legislature: One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control. Check out the interview as we talk about things like why gun control doesn’t work and Texas. Enjoy!.
AWR Hawkins Podcast June 11 2014
AWR Hawkins contributor of Breitbart and Ammoland joins me for a short time to discuss murder and mayhem across the country and what the heck is going on. Check him out on .
Kenn Blanchard Podcast June 4 2014
Reverend Kenn Blanchard author of Black Man with a Gun: Reloaded joined me to guns, politics and more. Check out Kenn .
Podcasted Interviews May 2014
Ralph Demicco interview May 22 2014
Ralph Demicco VP of Gun Owners of New Hampshire took a few minutes to join me with an update on Scott Brown, defeated Senator from Massachusetts and his bid for US Senate in NH. GONH had a meeting to let their members ask Senator Brown about his controversial stand on guns. Take a moment to listen I think you’ll find it interesting.