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Brian KovacsSeptember 14, 20223min71290

The Beretta 1301

When it comes to modern semi auto shotguns, option overload is a thing. Prices range wildly, from entry level to a mortgage payment. Today we will discuss one option in particular that, while expensive, is stacked in the value department. The Beretta 1301 tactical.

When I was growing up, my grandfather was full of one off advice. One such anecdote went as such, “ if you’re buying a gas saver, always go Japanese. If you’re buying a working truck, buy American. If you’re buying a shotgun, can’t go wrong with Italian.” Many of these sayings I have found to carry merit, the last one especially so.

So what makes the 1301 tactical so much better than its peers? In short it’s an addition equation more than anything. Ergonomics, excellent. Aesthetics, that’s a check. Reliability, phenomenal. The same can be said about other shotguns at a lesser price point, but few have all of them.

My experience with the 1301 has been very good in my sample size of 1. The first thing I noticed upon the first handling of the gun was how light it was. Honestly I was not looking forward to shooting it due to the laws of physics. Light shotguns regularly equate to sore shoulders with a heavy firing schedule. However, I am happy to report that the recoil impulse was very smooth, extremely linear, and surprisingly soft considering weight. Color me surprised.

At this point in time, I have shot somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500 rounds of assorted ammunition through the 1301. I can count on one hand the number of stoppages I have experienced. I’ve run it dirty, in the cold, in the heat, and the 1301 chugs through it all unscathed. Basic cleaning and lubricating was the only  maintenance performed.

Aftermarket parts for the 1301 tactical are available and usually in stock. I particularly enjoy the Aridus Industries line of products, and have several parts on my shotgun. Be careful though, modifying this shotgun is addicting.

I have had many people ask me for my thoughts on the 1301 tactical. My opinion can be summed up quite simply, “buy with no reservations.” I have found it to be a lightning fast cycling, ultra reliable, and overall enjoyable shotgun to use. It has quickly become one of the firearms that always seems to find its way in my range bag when I leave the house.



Photography by Joe Lutrario

Brian KovacsJuly 14, 20222min57710

By now most of you have seen the Nero 556, Nero 9mm and Nero 762 from Walker Defense and how well they eliminate muzzle rise and felt recoil.

Did you know Talking Guns has been thoroughly testing the NERO 762 on one of our custom 300 Win Mag Bolt Action rifles?

While the results have been nothing short of incredible. Let me start by saying this was not something we were supposed to be doing, after running the Nero 762 on several different platforms, to include the SCAR17, PWS MK216, AERO AR-10 and a 7.62x39mm AR-15;  We thought it would only be appropriate to do something Walker didn’t expect or know about. The Nero was not run on Bolt Actions rifles before this, so we wanted to utilize a round that was much more powerful than the common 168 gr 308, that was currently being used for testing, you know, something that had a little more gusto. Naturally the 300 Win Mag is known for larger recoil and all around more robust round, but damn it’s a great round that with the right optics and platform, can really get out there and touch something, accurately and repeatedly.

The Nero 762 reduced felt recoil to that of an AR15 or so. It wasn’t even as much as an AR10 in felt impulse.

As you can see from the videos it really gives a straight back and level push with 2 of our shooters.

We tested the Nero 762 with Federal Premium 300 Win Mag ammo, loaded with the lead-free Barnes TSX monolithic 180-grain hollow-point bullet.

More info to follow on the Walker Defense Product line and the Nero 762.




Photography by Caleb Lash

Video and editing by Mike Kovacs

Brian KovacsFebruary 4, 20204min29400

Brian and Erik rumning the new Atlas 40cal Nemesis, Concealed Carry 9mm Nyx, and 9mm Athena from Atlas Gunworks.
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Video by Joe Lutrario Audio By Caleb Lash

Brian KovacsJanuary 29, 20201min80800

United States Tactical – Elite Retention Systems

Effortless, hands-free carry of weapon lessens fatigue and relieves pressure Twelve safe locking muzzle positions.

Quick-draw long gun in an instant Carries all long guns – shot guns, bolt action, semi automatic, and belt fed Three-piece set adds the Elite Retention System to your existing LBE Ambidextrous Protects gun and optics.

All trigger guards are covered Injection-molded resin designed to be durable and UV resistant.


Audio and Video by Caleb Lash and Mike Kovacs


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Brian KovacsJanuary 28, 20201min15880

Mantis X Shooting System

The newest way to improve your shooting skills and follow up shots, while using your phone or tablet, all while not driving to or spending money on ammunition at the range.

The detailed readings the Mantis gives you, can help improve techniques of even the most experienced shooter!

****** This interview was voted best Mic placement at Shot Show 2020 ******





Audio and Video by Mike Kovacs and Caleb Lash

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Brian KovacsJanuary 22, 20203min251230

Blackwater is Back with 2011s


That’s right the legendary Blackwater is Back and they are designing some incredible new 2011 weapon platforms.


First up for us was the 2011 variants they debuted here at Shot Show 2020!


Let us know what you think about it.


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Video by Joe Jutrario

Audio by Caleb Lash

Brian KovacsJanuary 21, 20203min100430

Luago Alien Pistol

Breaking news from Las Vegas! Eye witness reports are flooding in with multiple confirmed cases of recovered alien technology.

Experts are frantically scrambling to establish the origin of this extraterrestrial technology, as there is nothing to use as a worldly comparison.

After hours of pointed deliberation, the staff writers at have reached a conclusion in regards to the extraterrestrial technology.

It is called the Alien pistol made by Luago Arms. In summation, it’s awesome.

Be sure to watch the video, we will have continued updates.

Sound off in the Comments below and let us know what you think!


Audio By Joe Lutrario

Video By Caleb Lash

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Brian KovacsJanuary 20, 20202min21120


Talking Guns Founder Brian Kovacs joins Newsmax – America Talks Live – with Guest Host Jonathan Gilliam for an in depth discussion of the Unconstitutional actions of the Virginia Governor and his State of Emergency declaration ahead of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Rights Rally scheduled for 1/20/2020.