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Caleb LashJanuary 18, 201916min10890

The Fuerst Option

X-Einstein Rules


We go together like- Crockett and Tubbs, Murtaugh and Riggs,  SJW’s and Commie thoughts, I mean we just fit. What am I talking about? I’m talking about X-Einstein and I, of course. Who is X-Einstein? X-Einstein is my Glock 19X. The greatest creation from the minds of the Austrian legendary Glock factory, built, and conceptualized by the one and only, Gaston Glock. This is Herr Gaston’s finest creation to date, in my humble opinion.

First some background, for those unfamiliar with the Glock 19X. The 19X was Glock’s submission to U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) Trials. Which was the Army’s selection process to become the Army’s new sidearm. The Sig Sauer P320 eventually won the contract, I also own one of those, it’s also a great handgun and should prove to be a great sidearm for our brave men and women serving this great country.  Much like the other companies that submitted Handguns for the MHS trials, Glock decided to release a civilian version to the commercial market, with some minor changes.

The 19X is a sort of Hybrid Frankenstein gun. The slide is the length of a G19 and it is mated to G17 frame. There have many YouTube vids and other interweb post maligning the 19X, stating that the configuration should have reversed, G17 slide, G19 frame. While there may be some valid points to this argument, I love this pistol exactly the way it is. I have carried it for at least forty hours a week since I got it and the gun and it has been AWESOME. The 19X comes from the factory with a flat dark earth color scheme and factory night nights, a must for a defensive pistol, in my opinion.  The 19X also come with legendary Glock reliability as a standard feature.

Ok, now for The Fuerst Option review. First off, 19X is a model number, not a name, and you give trusty sidekicks names. That is unless you’re a couple of Jacked Up robots from those sucky Star Wars Movies, and their A-hole owners just kept calling them numbers, WTF. And yes, I did say sucky Star Wars movies, All the Star Wars movies sucked, as you get older that should become clear, without me telling you that they suck. Life Coaching advice, if you are thirty or older and don’t have to take your kids to Star War movies, and you are in that movie theater, on opening night wearing a Han Solo t-shirt, it may be time to rethink your life direction.  There are girls out there, just saying. I digress, since the 19X is a sort of Frankenstein Gun; I named mine, “X-Einstein”. That’s right I name my stuff. I gave myself the call sign, The Option, as it is whom the F I am. I explained this to my lovely wife, “Che-Nobyl”. That’s the call sign I’ve given her, because she is “Hot and Deadly”. We have been married twenty seven years. After hearing my new call sign, Che-Nobyl lovingly stated, “I think it’s time I look for a BETTER OPTION.”You cannot by that type of enthusiasm.  I thought it appropriate to name my Badass bright orange Subaru Crosstrek “ The Option Response Vehicle. (See Above Pic) That Crosstrek is so amazingly Badass you couldn’t hide its greatness even if you used camo netting.   My gold Honda Pilot “Bug out” vehicle is named “The Golden Beast”. I name stuff, that’s the shit I do. So The Option’s Glock 19X is now known as the call sign X-Einstein. X-Einstein is a total badass and cooler than James Dean. If Glock and everybody else want to call its color Flat Dark Earth, go ahead, I prefer to say X-Einstein is the color of a lion’s mane, coupled with the color of THOR’S Golden Locks. That works because lions are animal kings and X-Enstein is The Option’s Legendary Hammer. I believe that all 19X’s have been constructed in the Austrian Alps by specially trained and genetically enhanced Austrian Black Eagles, and freshly delivered, by before mentioned Black Eagles to the various world distribution centers. X-Einstein is obviously too awesome to have been built in an ordinary factory situation, so I have no other explanation, that would make any sense. I’m sure this is obvious to all you. At least it will be obvious once you own one. The night sights are so highly visible that they are probably constructed by materials created from alien technology found at Area 51 and put on the market through a highly classified partnership with Mr. Gaston Glock. I have no concrete proof here, I’m just saying, the night sights are nice. The trigger is crisper than Fall Washington Apples. X-Einstein match grade barrel makes my shooting more accurate than Phil Valentine’s assessment of Liberals Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I heard people say that The 19X is difficult to conceal carry. I have not found this to be the case. I take X-Einstein everywhere. I have no problem concealing him. Although his glow of awesomeness does shine through on a constant basis. I have found this weapon is really not much more difficult to conceal, than a Glock 19 or 23, though this may be a personal experience or preference type of thing, but carry X-Einstein everywhere and have zero issues.

For example, X-Einstein and I recently visited an East Nashville coffee shop, you know we were spending some quality time together, anyway there weren’t “any no guns allowed, helpless victims inside.” Stickers on the window, so in I went.  The no sticker was obviously a clever ruse, or more likely from the occupants they were too lazy to put one up. The occupants looked like they were a Hybrid Antifa/Vegan Cheer Squad, holding a strategy for Anarchy meeting. It was a strange collection of bad Anime Tattoos, wild color hair, face piercings and wool caps which are worn indoors,at all times. I was wearing Jeans, Black Tee shirt, a light weight leather blazer and an NRA camo baseball cap. I stepped up to the counter and was greeted by some forty something male barista, named, Brahn. Brahn looked like Slender Man with a purple colored buzz cut/faux hawk, three nose rings and a lizard tattoo in the middle of his forehead, just below his hair line.  Brahn immediately recoiled in horror upon looking at me up and down and questioned me in very rude tone “Who do you think you are?” I answered “I’m  The Option” “Where The F you been?” in my usual cheerful tone. Brahn then stated “You have some nerve showing yourself in a public place.” To which I countered “Look who’s talking.”  Brahn Said “I’m not serving anyone who supports the NRA, and wears clothing made out of murdered animals.” Brahn Then retreated from the counter and I believe began to sob over by the espresso machine and the gluten free muffins. I called to him that I loved his electric razors and when he was done with his child like tantrum/emotional breakdown over a hat could he please get me a large coffee, hold the Social Justice Non-Warrior flavored tear additives.

Just then I heard a screeching voice from behind me. The voice was horrible and chilling. It sounded like somebody dropped a hamster and a wineglass into a Ninja blender. I turned to find the crazy eyed woman behind me. I’ll let my response to her describe her appearance. “ Miss, Let me say this, no matter what our disagreements may be, It’s an honor to have Shrek’s Wife Fiona in our fine city.” In all honesty, she wasn’t green, she was more the orangish color of flavor blasted gold fish from the overly used spray on tan facility and her skin had the textured look of John Wayne era saddle bags.  Fiona was not amused, “is that real leather?” “Of course, I’m from the Jersey Shore, the land of real leather and hair gel product. In my defense I’m sure many steaks and beef bologna sandwiches were made from the cow this blazer came from. My blazer has first name is W.I.L.S.O.N.”  I then tried to mend the fences and said “I’m surprised you don’t like leather it seems to have a similar texture to your face.”  Fiona Then pulled some words from the SJW book of bullshit go to tactic by yelling “You’re a Nazi”. I then at this point explained the way of the real world to crazy ill-informed Fiona. I told her in a voice that all could hear, that if I respected the opinion of fools and idiots and was not from New Jersey, which makes me immune from being offended, that statement may have actually offended me. See, my deceased father fought and was wounded in WWII. He actually fought real Nazi’s. He served his community as a Reserve Police officer standing up for people’s rights and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. My Father did that for no pay. He raised me to have the same beliefs and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I did so serving my community as a Law Enforcement Officer for over thirty Years. Unlike punks like you, I have actually seen what real dangerous fascists are capable of, as I was a responder to the 9-11 terror attacks against the World Trade Center.  They should remember that there are thousands of great First Responders and Our Great American Armed Forces fighting and protecting against real fascists every day. And sadly many of them give the ultimate sacrifice. I looked around the room and everyone seemed offended and uncomfortable. Many seemed to have melted into puddles of soy milk chai tea, or whatever these they drink. So Mission Accomplished.  You Aholes can keep your coffee, and in true Jersey Fashion I flipped the room the Double Barreled Bird turned and walked out. I was ready to head to Dunkin Donuts, Fairly Cop Friendly, when a young lady with a “Jen” on her name tag carrying a to go cup and a little bag of creamers. Jen said “ I’m sorry about all that” she handed me the coffee and rolled up the sleeve of her sweat shirt and showed me a Thin Blue Line tattoo on her inner wrist. Jen stated that her father was a retired Police Officer in Alabama. I smiled and said “Thank him for me” Jen Asked for what? “For his service and most of all, raising a good kid.” Jen smiled back and said, “Thanks to you also.” Then Jen said the words all police officers love to hear, “no Charge for the coffee”.  I thanked her and gave her a ten spot.

All and all it was a good day. I got to Trigger some crybaby SJW’s , I met a young lady who made feel pretty good that there are still some really sweet people out there and not all hope for the future and my quest, to spread the word, of the importance of Every Day Carry Wisdom and Awareness, I got some free coffee, and most of all I got to spend some quality time with X-Einstein. I also learned a real good situational awareness lesson, I wasn’t expecting, My Subaru Crosstrek seamlessly blended into the urban East Nashville Hipster landscape. Who would have thought?

I guess along with my abilities such as picking an Awesome Wife and picking  Awesome Guns, I must add my ability to picking Awesome Rides to the list. All this and I still remain humble. Wow. I really am The Option.


TFO Safety Suggestion- I tend to make fun of Antifa and groups and their ilk, but on a serious note, these groups are potentially dangerous, due to their large group violent mob methods of operation. These methods are dangerous to the innocent public in general, as their Protests are held in the streets of cities and towns, causing non-involved members of the community to potentially be injured. I suggest stay up on what’s going on in your communities and if you know there  protests or similar events planned, avoid those areas, especially if you are going out with your children. Stay vigilant and stay alert. Be careful out there.