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Kate KruegerJanuary 7, 20191min11250

Talking Guns Radio Getting Ready for SHOT Show 2019


It’s that time of year again as I prepare for SHOT Show 2019. Starting to get ready to setup podcasting guests, checking gear and making sure registration goes smoothly. I’ve added some photos to a gallery that I started sometime ago called Krueger’s View @ kruegersview.com . Check out “Bright Shiny Objects”. I’m also looking forward to posting a few articles before SHOT Show for our new group Talking Guns Media that I’ll tell you more about going forward.

Kate KruegerDecember 19, 20182min9480

At this time of the year I’d like to take a moment to thank all those that have given Kate and I the gift of FRIENDSHIP.  A UPS driver who Kate didn’t appreciate at first but has become a very dear friend and a Scottsdale PD K9 officer who wasn’t talking to his partner. Then there is the Retired Navy Chief whose family lived in a distant state, and another very dear friend who liked Kate’s radio show from the Seychelles Islands, we think.  The Air Force vet who painted our store, watched our dog and has just been there… she also suggested we hire a certain person at the store and it was the best thing that happened to us. Can’t forget the Scottsdale PD officer’s wife and 3 young children who would do Christmas shopping for dad at our store. A young recently divorced mother of two who only wanted part-time work and saved our “bacon” so many times, I call her The All Knowing.  A former Jockey from NY, A retired school principal, two ladies we met at a gun show one who later worked for Kate and both are special friends to this day.  A prominent lawyer who we knew before he went off to law school, a former N.J. cop and so many more who I won’t mention here. To all Kate and I want to say THANK YOU!


Kate & Jim Krueger

Kate KruegerOctober 27, 20154min9270

Political Season Is Upon Us

Now the “all” knowing politicians of both parties and their ” learned “ journalist friends will be giving us the benefit of their “superior”  intelligence on everything from gun control, hate crimes, abortion, defense, V.A. environment and anything else you can think of. Have you ever wondered why someone would spend millions of dollars for a job that pays salary & benefits about $600,000 per year? Do you think folks are donating millions of dollars because they like the guy/gal or maybe it’s the influence they can buy?

Many years ago while working for a financial institution the officers were given bonuses with the understanding                  

that half the officers and their spouses, would give the legally maximum amount to the Democratic candidate and the other half would do the same for the GOP candidate. As it was explained to me they didn’t really care who won as long as they had a path into the oval office. I am sure the same thinking was held for the Senatorial and House candidates.

Some years ago my wife ran as a Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate the one thing I’ll never forget her saying is “they lie” if it sounds good to say: I’m a Vietnam Vet… Or an American Indian or forget to mention they were disbarred or any other lie, they can always say “I misspoke” or in laymen’s terms LIED.

Be very careful who you vote for and if given the chance ask the tough questions. If they don’t stand by their campaign statements, call them to task. Write letters, call, email, and fax but let them know when you are not happy and also when you are happy with their performance. Remember THEY WORK FOR YOU.

One other thing never let them forget they took an oath to defend this country and it’s constitution freely without coercion and you as a voter expect them to abide by that oath.

Kate KruegerOctober 20, 20153min14900

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger

My wife and I have taught, co-hosted, and worked as range officers at numerous classes over the past 30 or so years. One the most recurring safety infractions are keeping the students finger off the trigger until they are ready to shoot and/or on target. We have tried to teach folks to keep their trigger finger along the side of the frame and with some students we have great success… others not so much.

Of course this is one of the most important safety lessons. We read about instances of what is commonly called an AD (accidental discharge) some resulting in severe bodily damage to the shooter and some cases resulting in death of the shooter or worse an innocent. AD’s cross all shooting levels from competition, law enforcement, hunters, gun smiths and yes… instructors.


One of the methods we have used over the years to combat this is, telling the class two or three times do  NOT anticipate the command to fire, and another two or three times to “keep your finger off the trigger until on target”.  And for many in the class that works but there are always those who need stronger instruction.

For those we generally call a cease fire and have all the students empty and holster their firearms after double checking everyone is cleared and holstered walk between them and their targets and in a very calm voice tell them “I have repeatedly told you to keep your fingers off the trigger, (now in a command voice tell them) NOW KEEP YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OFF THE TRIGGER! That seems to do the trick.


But sad to say every now and then you’ll still have to take someone off to the side and “instruct them further”.   Instruction can vary from having them take their equipment off and watching the rest of the class, up to taking their equipment off and going home for the day to “think” about the problem they are having with the instructions. Of course this depends on the length of class and the only thing that it guarantees is that you and the other students stay safe. For the most part that will solve the problem 99.9% of the time.  It seems harsh but the alternative is just not acceptable.