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Joe LutrarioSeptember 2, 20213min56580


Anacondas are members of the boa constrictor family of snakes. Thus meaning they kill their prey by quickly striking and controlling their victim until it is too exhausted to fight, and their prey begins to suffocate. The will of the sufferer has been broken. 

Anacondas rely on stealth and the element of surprise to catch their unsuspecting prey. This jungle predator keeps its victim at bay, by controlling their actions while frustrating and exhausting its adversary. Taking advantage of its opponent’s weary and defeated attitude, the Anaconda methodically goes on the offensive and with precision; it only alerts its victim of their demise at a time when it’s too late.

 Like the Anacondas of the jungle, the great BJJ practitioner is a disciplined attacker. He is confident, patient and ready to attack at the most opportune moment. He quickly strikes, controls his opponent, matching move for move looking for the slightest light out of the tiniest window of opportunity given by his challenger or maybe even created by his own masterful mind. The BJJ artist acknowledges his adversary as a competent and dangerous foe. He engages in an active game of combat chess, exploding with bursts of speed and agility, while conserving energy and exalting exceptional deceit and precision.

The fighter is aware that in any given moment the tide can be turned. He realizes he must control the tempo. Too much wasted strength… too tired to continue. Too much hesitation…. he loses the race. The charmed grappler exalts a streaming flow between attacks and control leading to the final objective….submission.

The patient, free flowing contest on the mat is a way of life engrained in the champion fighter beginning at a time when the mat appeared to be nothing less than a jungle crawling with Anacondas and other fearless predators.