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Jonathan GilliamNovember 1, 20147min21050

On October 31, 2014, Rear Admiral Brian L. Losey, Commander Naval Special Warfare Command, sent an open letter to his active and former teammates in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community. The public letter was a reaction to the upcoming Fox News special that will identify the supposed Navy SEAL that shot Osama bin Laden. The Fox News special is being advertised as the shooter’s first hand account of the famous mission that took place in 2011.

Ironically, in the letter, Admiral Losey preached the ethos of the silent professional, yet at the same time he decided to publish the letter publicly instead of reaching out to the NSW community personally in a silent, professional manner.

Because I am in the press weekly as an expert military / national security / and law enforcement analyst on many national and local television stations, I am making my letter to Admiral Losey public.  In doing so, I am hoping to show the U.S. Citizenry how many of the current and former NSW operators feel about the importance of being silent in regards to tactics and classified information.  My goal is not to slander the Admiral or slam NSW, but to give pause to our community so that we may see the publics perception of our community that is growing.

I am a civilian now, having left active duty as a SEAL in 2002, then serving as a Federal Air Marshal, Security Contractor, and FBI Special Agent until 2013.  Despite my distance from active duty, I will always be a SEAL because the man that is created through completing Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL (BUD/S) training transcends the Navy.  Those in my community that are still active, or have left active duty but haven’t figured out how SEALs can properly function in the world outside of NSW, please take my advice.  You are a leader in whatever you choose to do, however if you choose to subscribe to the “notice me” rockstar mentality of today’s generation and political leadership, our Brotherhood of super men will continue to take a super plunge.  Humble yourself and the world will notice you.  Be a silent professional and the world will seek your wisdom.

Please join me and pass this around and take my advice to heart.  Do it for our fallen warriors.  Do it for those that will follow in our footsteps.  Do it for the SEAL Brotherhood that so desperately needs to refocus and come together as one, because perception is reality…

Long Live The Brotherhood,

Jonathan T Gilliam


November 1, 2014 

Rear Admiral Brian L. Losey

Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command

Admiral Losey,

Please explain to our community how sending an open letter to your “Teammates” through the press, preaching about the quiet professional was somehow the proper example to your fellow SEALs.

Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) has a list of who we are. The UDT/SEAL Association has our emails. Instead, you chose to further the unprofessional and dysfunctional perception growing in the public’s eye by flexing your pen in a public forum. Perception is reality regardless of the incredible community we actually are. Your inability to enforce the rules and set standards within the Navy is the biggest hindrance to our brand, even more than any other particular SEAL. You proved it by sending that letter publicly.

It is time for you to start setting the example for all of the NSW community. Get off social media, stop cuddling up with press, and start building silent professionals that used to make up Naval Special Warfare (NSW).

Every warrior knows that action always beats reaction. Regardless of what Team we served at, or how long we were active, we all earned the Trident. If we really are a community of brothers, then take action and reach out to us personally. Challenge us. Bring us together and lead us. Otherwise this community will continue to be a brotherhood of individuals.

A warrior should never mimic the politicians that govern because it is a recipe of destruction, and a SEAL should always set the standard. It is time to BE THAT MAN!

Very Respectfully,

Jonathan T. Gilliam
BUD/S Class 218
United States Continued


Service “Still Serving”