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Erik WenzelMay 18, 20203min52382
Legendary firearms instructor and subject matter expert, Dr. Wes Doss is now the victim of a series of medical incidents, including Malpractice and Negligence, that is almost too ridiculous to believe. The worst part is that this incident continues to Spiral out of control and now Wes’ health, future and the continuation of his life is complete unknown at this point.
This is a Call To Action for anyone who can Spread the Word about this Injustice.
Dr. Wes Doss is an internationally recognized firearm, tactics and use of force instructor with over 30 years of military & civilian criminal justice experience, as well as significant operational time with both military & law enforcement tactical operations & protective service organizations.
Wes holds specialized instructor certifications from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, Arizona POST, the Smith & Wesson Academy, the Sig Sauer Academy, NRA LEAD, FEMA and the Department of State.  Wes holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and an upper level Doctorate in Psychology, with an emphasis on sports and performance.

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NickJanuary 13, 20201min107950

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Magnus ErikssonApril 4, 20198min46380

By Magnus Eriksson


The intent with this column is to discuss general legal principles to make you aware of some commonly encountered realities and myths in regarding self-defense laws.  Before we get any further:  DO NOT FIRE WARNING SHOTS!!! You will be charged with (a) crime(s), potentially very serious ones.  Here in Arizona, a gun friendly state, you will GO TO PRISON if convicted of the LEAST serious crime you will have committed by firing warning shots.  It is called Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon, designated as a dangerous offense, which is committed simply by discharging a firearm within city limits.   You could potentially be charged with Aggravated Assault (referred to as battery in many states) with a Deadly Weapon-a dangerous offense with a prison sentence to the tune of half a decade to a decade and a half to follow upon conviction. Not to mention attempted murder, which will land you in prison for couple of decades or more.  I go to jails and prisons all the time to visit clients, but I am free to leave after the visit.  Believe me, you do not want to spend any time in any jail, detention center or prison for following bad advise in good faith.  Other states may treat warning shots somewhat differently, but I doubt that they are condoned anywhere in the US.

Secondly, please familiarize yourself with the self-defense and weapons laws in your state.  The devil is in the details as it were and even a well intended mistake or misunderstanding could result in a living and legal nightmare.  Here in Arizona, and I suspect in other states with similar requirements, perhaps the best way to learn the details of this part of the law is to take a Concealed Weapons class.  These classes offer more detail on this area of the law than most law school curriculums.  Of course, consulting an attorney familiar with the specific laws in your state is highly recommended.

Self-defense is an affirmative defense, meaning one admits to an action that normally would be a crime, but one did it out of necessity and therefore was justified in taking the otherwise illegal action.  The reasoning would sound something like this; “Yes officer, I shot the person, because if I hadn’t, he would have killed or seriously injured me with the gun he pointed at me.”  Generally, the law permits a victim of an attack to use “reasonable force” in order to protect herself by communicating the following general principles.

A victim of an attack, can use that amount of force, which a reasonable and prudent person would use, under the same circumstances up to and including deadly force in order to avoid imminent (serious) injury or death.

A person must be engaged in a lawful activity in order to be justified in the use of force.  For instance, a person who is packaging heroin for sale on the street is not justified in using deadly force when “the wholesaler” of that heroin comes to steal the drugs back at gunpoint. Many jurisdictions allow force to be used in the defense of a third person under the same reasonableness standard.  Here in Arizona, the law allows the use of deadly force in the defense of another who is being sexually assaulted; against an arsonist who is setting fire to an occupied structure, armed robbery, kidnapping, or any other scenario where the third party is threatened with imminent death or serious bodily injury.

Some states have a Retreat Requirement before self-defense can be successfully claimed.  Usually, this requirement applies unless it is not practicable to accomplish.   Keep in mind, some retreat requirement states require retreat if attacked, even in one’s own home.  The opposite of the Retreat Requirement is the Stand Your Ground principle.  Stand Your Ground laws simply get rid of any retreat requirement.  In one recent highly publicized case in a large south-eastern state, much was said about this principle.  Ironically, the principle was not invoked in that trial at all.  Contrary to some claims, the SYG laws do not legalize murder.  Remember the actions taken while using force must be reasonable.  Murder is not reasonable.

In many states the so-called Castle doctrine is law.  The Castle Doctrine presumes that ones’ home is ones’ castle and that if attacked there, there is no retreat requirement.  In some states use of force in this scenario is presumed justified. Please, note that this doctrine does not cover inviting someone over and upon tiring of their presence the invitees may legally be murdered.  That is not reasonable.  The doctrine only applies if a person threatens you with imminent deadly force in your home.  This doctrine extends to ones’ car in certain jurisdictions in cases of car jacking.  At the risk of sounding flippant, this is not a license to murder people who walk by your car minding their own business and posing no imminent threat to you or anyone else in the car.

The Disparity of Force doctrine allows use of up to deadly force in cases such as a wheel chair bound victim attacked by someone not physically challenged, a group of people attacking one lone person, a weak and sickly victim attacked by a master Mixed Martial Arts master etc.

You may still think that all this is clear as mud!  Not to worry, the whole concept is complex because it is highly dependent on all the specific facts of a situation.  Unfortunately, politics to a greater or lesser degree is always a factor in who gets charged and why and strange things happen as a result sometimes.  The best advice is to speak softly, carry a big stick be courteous and alert and aware of the surroundings.  If you are attacked and can get away without fighting, do it even it the law doesn’t require it (tactically sound but perhaps philosophically un-American).  If you can’t get away, fight to live and never quit!!!  If you are then charged with a crime or sued wrongly, continue to fight and never give in.

Kate KruegerOctober 23, 20158min3700

This past April one of my last posts before I went through a journey called rheumatoid arthritis (which is another story in itself) was about “What’s My Job?” and as I was reading it I realized it is more important now. More than ever there needs to be a call to action as Hilary “the Liar” Clinton struts her way to the Democratic Nomination, and the Big O continues to defy the American people by using Executive Orders, vetoing Military funding, making deals with devils like Iran, all the while our job market shrinks and our welfare numbers grow. This Administration is doing nothing to help the American people but is giving asylum to refugee’s and amnesty to illegals (that’s right I called them illegals!!) all at the cost of taxpayers.

So let’s look at this job description one more time…

When I started this blog I said that there needed to be a call to action. And I hope as I talk about the issues of the day that you are as outraged by the overreach, arrogance, corruption and general disregard for what you think as I am. If you’re not I at least hope I’ve got you thinking about it. Well let me tell what your job is.

The founding fathers set it up so that “We the People” are the Sovereign. In plain language that means that we are the boss. Now as the boss we need to manage our employee’s because any good business needs good management and we have coasted on that part for too long. The American people tend to trust that everything will be OK and the fat cats in Washington count on that. So let’s surprise them.


Let’s start with the upcoming elections. We need to vet the candidates ourselves and not count on the RNC or DNC or Congress or anyone else to do that. Now we all know or least felt that recent past elections have been off balance. There has been talk of voter fraud in Florida and Ohio although many say that’s a fabrication; Republican voter intimidation in Florida was very real with Black Panthers at the door of voting places.  And the fact that this Administrations fights with all its might to stop Voter ID laws across this country saying they are unconstitutional as if they don’t want fair elections.

And let’s not get started yet on Mayor Bill Di Blasio in NY proposing that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. Next he’ll setup a committee to make sure the dead democrats have “one more …vote… for the road”.

But with the executive orders regarding amnesty and licenses being issued to the Dream Act kids (also an executive order) this government that has been duly voted in stomps on the Constitution every day.  But more importantly it tips the balance of power in their favor by tainting the voting pool.

So here’s our job, listen to the news (I know it’s a pain) it’s important to hear what’s going on. And don’t just listen to local news, listen to Fox, CNN and anything else you can get. If you don’t get cable listen to it on the radio. Listen to both sides because it’s just as important to hear what the opposite side believes in. It makes it easier to fight the message if we know what it is.

Listen to what these candidates have to say then do your homework. If they are already elected officials look up their voting record. They all have one… Obama was infamous for only voting “Present” so you couldn’t see what he was for or against. Pretty slick if it works…and it did.

So what do you look for? Look for the ones who believe in smaller government, flat taxation or lower taxes, constitutionally sound and believes in the “Bill of Rights” like freedom of religion and speech and the right to bear arms. And remember don’t just listen to the words follow their actions.

AND VOTE in the primaries. Did you know that the primaries can be hijacked by opposite parties? For example in 2012 the Democrats only had Obama on the ballot so they didn’t need to worry about their primary as he had no opposition. SO they went to their voters and got them to vote in the Republican primary to help chose who Obama’s opponent would be.  Shocked? Don’t be as politicians have been doing that forever and the republican voters let them.

You see traditionally Republicans don’t have a good turnout for primaries. It harks back to that “my vote doesn’t matter” or “it’s all fixed anyway” or “I’m too busy to vote”… BUT if you don’t vote in the primaries you don’t pick your candidate… the other side does. Is that who you want? The candidate that can’t win, that doesn’t believe in what you do, the one who is more moderate? …More beatable? …More Progressive? Of course not!

You’re great about voting in the general election but that’s just putting your seal of approval on the last person standing, the one the other side picked.  So let’s get ready and start being the boss. Its review time and we need to look at what our employees have been up. Do they get a promotion or do they get fired? It’s really up to you. And don’t forget the more you educate your friends and family members the more your voice and your vote count. So talk it up and I’ll chat more about what to look for, who’s on first and what your next steps are.  Let’s remember we created this Federal Government and gave them very limited powers but while we weren’t paying attention they took so much more.

It’s time to take it back.