Walker Defense Nero 762 on 300 Win Mag Bolt Action

Jim SanfordJuly 14, 20232min171640

By now most of you have seen the Nero 556, Nero 9mm and Nero 762 from Walker Defense and how well they eliminate muzzle rise and felt recoil.

Did you know Talking Guns has been thoroughly testing the NERO 762 on one of our custom 300 Win Mag Bolt Action rifles?

While the results have been nothing short of incredible. Let me start by saying this was not something we were supposed to be doing, after running the Nero 762 on several different platforms, to include the SCAR17, PWS MK216, AERO AR-10 and a 7.62x39mm AR-15;  We thought it would only be appropriate to do something Walker didn’t expect or know about. The Nero was not run on Bolt Actions rifles before this, so we wanted to utilize a round that was much more powerful than the common 168 gr 308, that was currently being used for testing, you know, something that had a little more gusto. Naturally the 300 Win Mag is known for larger recoil and all around more robust round, but damn it’s a great round that with the right optics and platform, can really get out there and touch something, accurately and repeatedly.

The Nero 762 reduced felt recoil to that of an AR15 or so. It wasn’t even as much as an AR10 in felt impulse.

As you can see from the videos it really gives a straight back and level push with 2 of our shooters.

We tested the Nero 762 with Federal Premium 300 Win Mag ammo, loaded with the lead-free Barnes TSX monolithic 180-grain hollow-point bullet.

More info to follow on the Walker Defense Product line and the Nero 762.




Photography by Jason Mcdonald

Video and editing by Mike Kovacs

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