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“Because the best made $h!t never goes out of style.”

There are a lot of other companies out there right now which make pens, flashlights and carabiners as accessories. Nice little anodized trinkets to complement their product line or extend their market reach in addition to their core competency.

At Tuff Writer, we specialize in taking great design ideas and making them into amazing products. In fact, we firmly believe that we make the best American made, CNC precision machined, tactical pens on the market. Why? Because innovative design and precision machined excellence is our core competency. From concept to design through rapid prototyping, production and all the way to assembly, we understand precision manufacturing (just ask any of the people we’ve collaborated with).

Here at Tuff Writer we understand that people often depend on their tools for their lives. That’s precisely why we make the world’s toughest pens and accessories. Before you buy a Tuff Writer we spend literally months testing it, carrying it and generally abusing it.

Just to prove it, our products are backed by a life-time warranty against manufacturing defects*.

That’s why through freezing cold, intense heat and the harshest conditions you’re likely to find yourself in, our products will prevail so that you can prevail. We think our pens are cooler than sharks with lasers.

KRUDO Knives was founded in 2006 by Louis Krudo, with decades of experience in urban weapons and defense tactics. As an avid designer of knives, less than lethal weapons and other specialized tools, he found that traditional designs just didn’t cut it against modern threats and environments. Instead a radical new way of thinking was needed, thus KRUDO Knives was born.

In 1997 Louis was reading a historical article about an Indonesian fishing and farming tool called the Karambit, this was the inspiration that started it all. Imagining how this utilitarian tool could be become a highly efficient tactical folding knife or striking tool became an obsession. After extensive designs, template creation and sleepless nights, the prototype was ready to be seen by a few trusted souls. The feedback was swift, the design was too aggressive and may not be adopted well in the industry.

KRUDO Knives thinks differently, feedback such as “too aggressive” and worrying about the industry wasn’t a concern. Instead, it was understood that the design was a radical new way of thinking and those stuck in their ways simply didn’t get it. After nearly 4 years of refinement and testing, the SNAG was born and is now the flagship of the company.

Looking past the hype and industrial norms, KRUDO Knives promises to never compromise on quality and design, instead we focus on creating tools that are time tested and trusted by law enforcement organizations, military personnel and civilians across the globe. When what you carry matters, carry a KRUDO.

History is more than a culmination of battles decided by superior numbers. History is a biography of advantage – in weapons, in logistics, in technology, and even in terrain. For us, High Ground products and design methodology represents THE advantage.

Located in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our Nation, High Ground is the Tactical Systems Division of Ehmke Manufacturing which has been manufacturing quality products for the Aerospace, Defense, Industrial & Commercial Markets since 1929.

High Ground’s technology was influenced and created by former operators, We understand the responsibilities we have to our warriors. High Ground brings that down range experience to produce innovative gear that helps our operators accomplish their missions.

As long as we have our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Agents and Police in the fight, High Ground will continue to challenge ourselves to create practical solutions that keep our operators heads up and eyes on the enemy.





Our full line of AR500 targets and shooting stands.