Keep your eye on the end game…

Kate KruegerMay 1, 20164min10100

Recently I have stopped watching the “news” on any channel because they all sound alike. News used to be important events around the world, local accidents and other things out of the ordinary day to day activity. Now it’s the same stories over and over and over again until you can hardly stand it anymore. And when there are news worthy events occurring nothing ever comes of them.

For example: Fast and Furious one of the first of Obama’s scandals started in 2009 and “misplaced” more than 2,000 weapons across the Mexican border and cost the life of Border Agent Brian Terry… The Administration is still fighting in court today refusing to release documents from that fiasco. And so far the only ones who paid for that are the whistle blowers.

Then let’s not forget the IRS vs Tea Party Patriots where the IRS targeted conservative and TEA Party groups and businesses based on their political beliefs. This is also STILL being fought in the courts today. And Benghazi… what has happened to this country when no one comes to rescue a sitting US Ambassador and other Americans when they send out a call for help? But more than that what is wrong with a State Department refusing to add security when asked by a sitting US Ambassador? Who knows the lay of the land better than that Ambassador? Then not only did they refuse but they cut the security down to less reliable local (non-US) security. And I could go on…

Today we are watching the candidates for the highest position in America. For the first time Americans are getting a real glimpse of who REALLY selects the politicians who supposedly speak for you. I always thought I knew how that process worked but boy even I’m getting an education.

Hillary, in spite of Bernie Sanders amazing (and scary) run, has it all but sown up on the democratic side and as for the republicans… That should prove to be very interesting. Trump has it right it is a very crooked and nasty process. I’m not a fan of Trump but America is speaking and it doesn’t appear as if anyone is really listening.

HEY FOLKS… KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE END GAME… this is a serious situation and although he is not my first pick if he gets the nod I’m voting for him. I DO NOT WANT HILLARY IN OFFICE… I LIKE MY GUNS JUST THE WAY THEY ARE…which is in my hands. I DO NOT WANT HILLARY filling the SCOTUS position that is open or others that will open over the next few years…

If your guy is not the one chosen YOU MUST STILL VOTE!!! I don’t like this process but we need to change the team (dem vs rep) before we can make any other changes.

So no matter how dirty or nasty this crappy process is KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL AND VOTE.

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