Why I Will Disown a Friend Over Politics

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So with a title like that, I’d be willing to bet you are ready to skip past thoroughly reading
this article and get all hot and bothered in the comments section. Slow your roll chief. Take a
breath, and try to have an open mind about what I am writing because I promise you this is not
written after a heated argument with a friend, and is actually planted deep in common sense.
I’ve been simmering on this concept for a long time, trying to see it from both sides, and believe-
you-me, I don’t take axing a longtime friendship lightly. With that said, here is why I will do just
that, in a heartbeat, over politics.

I’m going to start off by addressing the most common argument against “unfriending”
over politics. “It’s just politics, if you are willing to lose a friend over that, you are immature and
need to grow up.” Let’s break this little diddy down for a second. What entity has killed millions
upon millions of people since its inception? The answer is Government. Before we get the soy-
mainlining-betas in here talking trash on the American Government, it’s ALL governments. The
Socialist, Communist, and Fascist ones being the worst of all, but back to my point. Politics are
quite possibly the most important thing you could lose a friendship over if you are looking at the
big picture. We as Americans just downplay the importance of politics because we as a nation
have never been subjected first hand to the absolute horrors of a tyrannical government since
our creation. To us, it’s something as simple as a choice in automobile manufacturers, or an
abstract concept lulled over in a history class somewhere.

It is unfathomable for the modern American to think their government would ever turn on
them. I mean, how could they? Most Americans have not visited these countries that are at war,
or under the control of a ruthless dictator. It’s also all too easy to minimize images and stories
you see on TV or the internet with indifference. The common consensus I hear from most of my
fellow Americans is “That could never happen here.” Well let me tell you, that is exactly what
everyone ever thought, right before they were disarmed and killed by the millions by their
government. Genocide happens for the simple reason that no one sees it coming. The only
people who seem to take politics seriously are the people who have traveled the world, seen
what could be, and the aftermath of what was. The kind of people who have visited warzones
and talked to people whose daily lives would send these Antifa protestors into a piss-soaked
fetal position

So believe me when I say I will drop my most beloved of friends over politics. I cannot sit
idly by and condone their ignorance of facts and distortion of history. Doing nothing when you
hear ignorance being spread, is the same as spreading it yourself, and that’s what has
happened in our country. There are political agendas that I have no answer to and I do not
pretend to have all the answers. I do, however, feel strongly about our right to protect ourselves,
and I believe our government should never be able to restrict our armament as a people. I
believe trying to erase history because it doesn’t make you feel good is ignorant, and extremely
dangerous. And I know for a fact, that our educational system has become nothing but a liberal
indoctrination that is pushing socialist and communist beliefs down the throats of our youth,
when those ideals have destroyed countries, and killed million of innocent people. In 1956

Russia claimed they would take America without firing a shot. I know now what they meant,
infiltration from within the education system. You don’t have to fight a populus that you have
indoctrinated to accept your rule, start with the children, and those who remember the past will
fade in time.

If you think I’m crazy, just take a second and look what is going on. We have politicians
putting illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens, illegal sanctuary cities, liberal controlled social
media deleting any rhetoric that does not fall in line with their agenda. News outlets not only
reporting half-truths, but spreading outright lies to the masses. Literal propaganda. Transgender
is the new norm, and masculinity is toxic, and if you speak out an opinion that is against any of
this, you are a Nazi. All this, because we looked the other way for far too long, we let that one
idiot friend spread their hysteria unchecked on every social media outlet they could find because
we had better things to do than set them straight. This is as much our fault as it is theirs, and it’s
time people stop letting it slide. Thomas Jefferson once said, “All tyranny needs to gain a
foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” That is EXACTLY the culture we live
in, and now, we are reaping what we have sown. So feel no guilt when you confront ignorance,
it is literally your duty as an American. Losing a friend who is ignorant of history and facts is
losing no friend at all.

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