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Erik WenzelMay 18, 20203min67262
Legendary firearms instructor and subject matter expert, Dr. Wes Doss is now the victim of a series of medical incidents, including Malpractice and Negligence, that is almost too ridiculous to believe. The worst part is that this incident continues to Spiral out of control and now Wes’ health, future and the continuation of his life is complete unknown at this point.
This is a Call To Action for anyone who can Spread the Word about this Injustice.
Dr. Wes Doss is an internationally recognized firearm, tactics and use of force instructor with over 30 years of military & civilian criminal justice experience, as well as significant operational time with both military & law enforcement tactical operations & protective service organizations.
Wes holds specialized instructor certifications from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, Arizona POST, the Smith & Wesson Academy, the Sig Sauer Academy, NRA LEAD, FEMA and the Department of State.  Wes holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and an upper level Doctorate in Psychology, with an emphasis on sports and performance.

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Audio and Video by Caleb Lash and Mike Kovacs

Brian KovacsFebruary 4, 20204min21900

Brian and Erik rumning the new Atlas 40cal Nemesis, Concealed Carry 9mm Nyx, and 9mm Athena from Atlas Gunworks.
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Video by Joe Lutrario Audio By Caleb Lash

Brian KovacsJanuary 20, 20202min18250


Talking Guns Founder Brian Kovacs joins Newsmax – America Talks Live – with Guest Host Jonathan Gilliam for an in depth discussion of the Unconstitutional actions of the Virginia Governor and his State of Emergency declaration ahead of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Rights Rally scheduled for 1/20/2020.

Caleb LashJanuary 13, 20201min116070

Sneak Peak at Blackwater’s new 2011 pistol line up

These new 2011 weapons from Blackwater will be totally manufactured in house and loaded with some of the best features available.

Blackwater states ” Our goal is to provide a superior handgun than whats currently available, at a competitive price!”

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2011s will be available soon from


Photos by Caleb Lash and Mike Kovacs

Brian KovacsJanuary 5, 20201min28150

Talking Guns founder Brian Kovacs on the Sean Hannity Show with guest host Jonathan T. Gilliam. Jonathan talks about the new threat to American Freedom happening right now in the great state of Virginia!  The newly elected Virginia Democratic Governor and State Senators want to ban all firearms. Included in the absurd and comprehensive list of weapons they want banned includes almost all Hunting, Target and youth shooting models. The desire is due to their political agenda and motives! They are not listening to the will of the people who elected them! Virginians are now setting up local Militias and local Sheriffs are already refusing to enforce these new Laws. It makes you wonder what might happen if they start confiscating weapons by going door to door…..

Brian KovacsDecember 24, 20193min15690

Talking Guns and Founder Brian Kovacs appears on Newsmax TV to discuss the Constitutional Crisis unfolding day by day in the great state of Virginia. We talk about the plans of Sheriff’s departments and civilian agencies, as well as the fact that the governor wants to disarm the state of basically all type of Firearms.

Magnus ErikssonApril 4, 20198min49220

By Magnus Eriksson


The intent with this column is to discuss general legal principles to make you aware of some commonly encountered realities and myths in regarding self-defense laws.  Before we get any further:  DO NOT FIRE WARNING SHOTS!!! You will be charged with (a) crime(s), potentially very serious ones.  Here in Arizona, a gun friendly state, you will GO TO PRISON if convicted of the LEAST serious crime you will have committed by firing warning shots.  It is called Disorderly Conduct with a Weapon, designated as a dangerous offense, which is committed simply by discharging a firearm within city limits.   You could potentially be charged with Aggravated Assault (referred to as battery in many states) with a Deadly Weapon-a dangerous offense with a prison sentence to the tune of half a decade to a decade and a half to follow upon conviction. Not to mention attempted murder, which will land you in prison for couple of decades or more.  I go to jails and prisons all the time to visit clients, but I am free to leave after the visit.  Believe me, you do not want to spend any time in any jail, detention center or prison for following bad advise in good faith.  Other states may treat warning shots somewhat differently, but I doubt that they are condoned anywhere in the US.

Secondly, please familiarize yourself with the self-defense and weapons laws in your state.  The devil is in the details as it were and even a well intended mistake or misunderstanding could result in a living and legal nightmare.  Here in Arizona, and I suspect in other states with similar requirements, perhaps the best way to learn the details of this part of the law is to take a Concealed Weapons class.  These classes offer more detail on this area of the law than most law school curriculums.  Of course, consulting an attorney familiar with the specific laws in your state is highly recommended.

Self-defense is an affirmative defense, meaning one admits to an action that normally would be a crime, but one did it out of necessity and therefore was justified in taking the otherwise illegal action.  The reasoning would sound something like this; “Yes officer, I shot the person, because if I hadn’t, he would have killed or seriously injured me with the gun he pointed at me.”  Generally, the law permits a victim of an attack to use “reasonable force” in order to protect herself by communicating the following general principles.

A victim of an attack, can use that amount of force, which a reasonable and prudent person would use, under the same circumstances up to and including deadly force in order to avoid imminent (serious) injury or death.

A person must be engaged in a lawful activity in order to be justified in the use of force.  For instance, a person who is packaging heroin for sale on the street is not justified in using deadly force when “the wholesaler” of that heroin comes to steal the drugs back at gunpoint. Many jurisdictions allow force to be used in the defense of a third person under the same reasonableness standard.  Here in Arizona, the law allows the use of deadly force in the defense of another who is being sexually assaulted; against an arsonist who is setting fire to an occupied structure, armed robbery, kidnapping, or any other scenario where the third party is threatened with imminent death or serious bodily injury.

Some states have a Retreat Requirement before self-defense can be successfully claimed.  Usually, this requirement applies unless it is not practicable to accomplish.   Keep in mind, some retreat requirement states require retreat if attacked, even in one’s own home.  The opposite of the Retreat Requirement is the Stand Your Ground principle.  Stand Your Ground laws simply get rid of any retreat requirement.  In one recent highly publicized case in a large south-eastern state, much was said about this principle.  Ironically, the principle was not invoked in that trial at all.  Contrary to some claims, the SYG laws do not legalize murder.  Remember the actions taken while using force must be reasonable.  Murder is not reasonable.

In many states the so-called Castle doctrine is law.  The Castle Doctrine presumes that ones’ home is ones’ castle and that if attacked there, there is no retreat requirement.  In some states use of force in this scenario is presumed justified. Please, note that this doctrine does not cover inviting someone over and upon tiring of their presence the invitees may legally be murdered.  That is not reasonable.  The doctrine only applies if a person threatens you with imminent deadly force in your home.  This doctrine extends to ones’ car in certain jurisdictions in cases of car jacking.  At the risk of sounding flippant, this is not a license to murder people who walk by your car minding their own business and posing no imminent threat to you or anyone else in the car.

The Disparity of Force doctrine allows use of up to deadly force in cases such as a wheel chair bound victim attacked by someone not physically challenged, a group of people attacking one lone person, a weak and sickly victim attacked by a master Mixed Martial Arts master etc.

You may still think that all this is clear as mud!  Not to worry, the whole concept is complex because it is highly dependent on all the specific facts of a situation.  Unfortunately, politics to a greater or lesser degree is always a factor in who gets charged and why and strange things happen as a result sometimes.  The best advice is to speak softly, carry a big stick be courteous and alert and aware of the surroundings.  If you are attacked and can get away without fighting, do it even it the law doesn’t require it (tactically sound but perhaps philosophically un-American).  If you can’t get away, fight to live and never quit!!!  If you are then charged with a crime or sued wrongly, continue to fight and never give in.

Kate KruegerFebruary 5, 201611min6730

Sorry it took so long for this follow up but like many who came back from SHOT we were also stuck with the creeping crude that goes around some of these events … LOL but its past time for my Part 2 review…


I left off with Springfield XDS series and as I said I can no longer be a naysayer… but let’s chat about some of the other offerings that I was able to test. There were many AR15’s out there and some of you will think I’m pretty mean but if you’ve shot some of the best out there it’s hard to judge 30 more variants of the same platform and be wowed. Different rail systems, barrel lengths, suppressors, triggers, dot systems, side chargers, stocks… not many changes. It could be that I work with a group of guys at Strategic Ops Group in Gilbert, AZ that build a very nice custom AR and do some gorgeous Cerakoting too so I guess I’m a little jaded about them. So other than Daniel Defense, Barrett and Colt I won’t be talking about AR’s this year.

But until I get to them let’s talk about a little gun that surprised me this year. Kimber’s K6s revolver is a 6 shot hammerless 357 magnum revolver that performs. It is stainless steel and weighs in at 23 oz but doesn’t feel that heavy. It’s been crafted with smooth edges for non-snag when removing from concealment and the trigger is no less than you would expect from Kimber smooth match grade with a clean action. I was able to shoot it with 357 magnum rounds and, of course, my expectations were that it was going to hurt. But, once again, I was surprised and it delivered much more controlled recoil than anticipated. Now it is 23 oz and it is stainless steel but I’ve shot 357 magnums out of other small heavy revolvers and it hurts. So call it voodoo magic but I was impressed. It comes in on the high dollar scale for a 2 inch revolver but for those who love Kimber it will not be a stretch.

Another manufacturer that I just cannot resist visiting is Barrett. This year they were unable to bring the 50 caliber due to range restrictions but did bring a beautiful MRAD in 308. And I just want to say that thank God for young men with a great deal of patience because as I stepped up to shoot this great piece of equipment the hardest part of the whole exercise was finding the target at over 900 yards. It appears that bifocals, old age and some of the scopes don’t always coordinate in a smooth sight acquisition but a little help from my trusty helper from Barrett I was successful and managed to pick off the long shot. It was a frustrating but had a very satisfying finish.

Our next stop was Ruger to check out their newest additions the Ruger “American” striker fired pistols in 9mm and 45ACP. I’m not sure why Ruger felt that they needed another full size 9mm and 45ACP but we took the time to check them out and there is really nothing to rave about. We actually liked the SR9 and SR9c pistols but we were completely under impressed with these new ones. They are big and heavier than other polymer framed guns. The trigger is nothing to write home about and to be perfectly honest they were not worth much more time or effort. Sorry Ruger but better luck next design.


Armscor / Rock Island is another brand that keeps delivering. If you want to get into a 1911 and you don’t have $1000

plus to do that thengive these guys a try. They’ve got them from the GI model down to the carry version Baby Rock 1911. They are performers but they are affordable. I had the opportunity to shoot one with a suppressor and one of the original GI series and truly had a blast. Great products … Great prices!! Check them out.

And I generally save the best for last stopping at Daniel Defense and they did not disappoint. I started with their beautiful DDM4 / MK18 300BLK SBR in Tan. What a sweet, quiet piece of high quality equipment to shoot. On to their DD5VI 7.62X51 (308) not only good looking but a reach out and touch kind of firearm that the 50 yard bay did not do justice to. But the accuracy and quality shines through. Daniel Defense has some great looking furniture that has very good ergonomics as well. And last but not least their DD4M in 5.56 full auto all in basic black. All I can say about this firearm is that they never give you enough ammunition. Sweet to shoot, accurate, functions smoothly and very easy to manage…can’t ask for much more.


The next day we spent at SHOT Show proper and checked out some new knives by Benchmade and visited with old friends like Bill Murphy of Surefire Institute, touched based with Medal of Honor recipients, Gold Star Moms, some of the industry’s great shooters like Julie Golob and some outstanding bloggers and podcasters like Kenn Blanchard “Black Man with a Gun“. By then I was really running out of steam but so happy that we were able to make the trip. SHOT Show is a huge hassle but the common bond and joy of being part of the gun industry is worth the hassle. Over the years I don’t believe I’ve ever felt a camaraderie like the one with other gun owners, whether it’s at a local match or at one of the top events of the year. I’m thankful every day that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it all.